Automatic Loyalty Discounts

We have a fully automatic Loyalty Scheme in operation here at Big Dawg Hydrographics Supplies.

As long as you create an account and use it every time, the store will keep track of your spending and every time you place an order you will automatically receive a discount depending on how much you have spent with us in the part.

The current rates are 1% for every £50.00 up to a maximum of 10% once you have spent £500.00.

No coupons, no codes, no joining fees, it is all 100% automatic based on your past orders and the ONLY catch is you MUST be logged into your account (store can't keep track of your past orders if it isn't sure who you are!)

We already offer some of the most competitive prices in the market, and now they can be even better for those customers who keep coming back.