The search may be over - after years of trying different patterns, styles and base colours, we may have THE ultimate carbon fibre pattern.  This is the ONLY carbon pattern on the market which ticks almost all of the boxes, it looks like real carbon when dipped - it really does - it has the characteristic shimmer of real carbon, the slight colour shift, it looks different from different angles, all things the vast majority of carbons can't offer. The only downside is that, at this time it is only available in a 50cm film BUT it expands like crazy - you can easily get a 70 or 80cm wide dip out of this film.  If it WAS 100cm he vast majority of tanks would not be big enough to allow for the expansion needed!

It is NOT the same as every other film on the market though and if you try to use it the way you usually deal with hydrographics film it WILL NOT WORK - this is one of VERY few films out there which come with special and VERY SPECIFIC instructions for use so PLEASE read the tips for this film by clicking here (opens in a new window so if you don't see it, check to see if you have a popup blocker in use). If you ignore them and push ahead you will have problems so please read it, then read it again, and most importantly, pay attention to it - if you know better you will struggle with the film and we want you to get the very best out of this amazing pattern.

Film Width: 50cm

Recommended Base: Black

All hydrographics film is sold by the linear metre, at the width specified in the title. Where more than 1 is ordered, we will supply a single length for maximum flexibility. Order 4 of a 100cm wide pattern and you will receive a single sheet, 4m long and 1m wide, rolled (never folded) and sealed in a plastic sleeve with a dessicant packet to protect against moisture.  We then use high-quality postal tubes to make sure you get your order in the best possible condition.

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Truly Real Carbon Hydrographics Film (50cm)

  • £5.95

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