Truly Carbon Dipping Tips

The CAR25 - Truly Carbon (50cm) Hydrographics Film is a very special case when it comes to usage. If you try to use it the same way as most other films, we can pretty much guarantee it will end VERY badly indeed.  We have listend to both Big Brain in the USA and the film manufacturer themselves to put these tips together. To get the best from this truly original pattern you MUST read the following pointers and you will get the best carbon results you have ever seen from a Carbon Fibre pattern.

Important things to remember.

  1. We recommend a fairly specific temperature for this film than; we got the best results at around 27 degrees centigrade, however Big Brain in the USA suggest slightly higher at 31-32 – we do NOT recommend cold water dipping with this pattern, you WILL be asking for trouble....
  2. This film NEEDS to expand a LOT after activation - forget about the inch or two you normally give film to expand. This pattern will expand by almost 50-60% after activation - it may be a 50cm pattern but will easily expand up to 70/80cm or more after activation.
  3. This film needs ZERO soak time. Most films need between 1 and 3 minutes soak time before you spray your activator. With this pattern, you lay the film on the water, you get a few seconds to get rid of any air bubbles, and then you activate immediately. Again NO SOAK TIME or as little as possible will work.
  4. You MUST use a mild activator with this pattern.  Traditional stronger activators do not work well with this pattern. We have tested this pattern with all of the activators we stock, all three strengths of Bulldawg Pure as well as Deep Fusion and we strongly recommend using the original Bulldawg Pure - the extra, ultra and deep fusion are all a bit strong for it.....  Yes that's right, we're recommending the cheapest activator on the market for this pattern because IT WORKS.
  5. Air pressure is important - you really want your gun set at the LOWEST pressure you can while still maintaining full atomisation - too much pressure can result in activator evaporation which may cause problems with the film re-solidifying.
  6. DO NOT TAPE YOUR EDGES - said it before and we'll say it again - this pattern expands like crazy so if you tape it, it WILL expand in, it WILL fold in on itself, and it WILL go very wrong.....

If you follow these pointers you will get the amazing results this film is capable of - if you "know better" and treat it the way you're used to working with other films, you WILL have problems so PLEASE for the sake of your wallet, your customer parts, and our reputation for quality products, please read this, then read it again to be sure. It's completely against everything you already know from years of dipping....